Resistometer Testing, Exposures and Studies

Resistometer Exposures and Studies for:
             Steam and Dry Heat –  wide range of validated exposure temperatures
             Ethylene Oxide (EO) –  Up to 8 hour Exposure Periods using 100% EO

value, value and Survival-Kill Response Characteristics Determination and Verification Testing
             ISO 11138-2 for EO, ISO 11138-3 for Steam, ISO 11138-4 for Dry Heat and ISO 11138-5 for Formaldehyde

ISO 11140-1 Compliance Testing for Steam, Dry Heat, EO, Formaldehyde and Hydrogen Peroxide:
              Type 1 Process Indicators               
              Type 4 Multi-critical Process Variable Indicators 
              Type 5 Integrating Indicators
               Type 6 Emulating Indicators

Reduced Incubation Time Studies

Organism Propagation

Propagation of environmental isolates and other contaminates

Biological Indicator Population – Total Viable Spore Count 

Heat Shocked and Non-Heat Shocked, Pooled or Individual BIs per USP or ISO 11138-1